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Since the beginning of 2012 we have the state recognition meaning Students can apply in Germany for Bafög financial grants.

SOZO visions in motion is looking for dancers, dance makers and choreographers with intuition and openness, physical intelligence, clarity and purity in movement, physical potential, stage presence and charisma, general development and intelligence, capacity for observing, mental availability, capacity for looking and listening, the capacity to quickly digest new information.



A performance based on „communication“

Friday, 26. September 2014

Time: 20:00


Concept und Direction: Henrik Kaalund
Music/ Componist: Kostia Rapoport
Dance: Students of the 2. and 3. year, SOZO visions in motion professional contemporary dance studies.

The process allows dancers are encouraged in his work to be present in a very direct and authentic way. Sonic body bundles und condenses these experiences and searches for forms that stay flexible and don’t need the typical “learning steps off by heart” The interaction between the dancers are based on simple rules.
The central question of Sonic body is moving towards creating a fluid group dynamic in a short time. The goal is, through building up elements, to have a full length piece in a week which could be danced in any place.

Tickets 10 € / 6 € erm.

Grüner Weg 15-17
34117 Kassel

Workshop with Shai Faran (Israel / Berlin)

Pfeil From Narrow to Wide

Sa 11.10.2014 from 10:00 to16:00
So 12.10.2014 from 10:00 to 16:00

I believe in going deep into things that we know in order to discover the unknown. How often do we really insist on something until we feel like we got everything that we could out of it? We like to spread ourselves, to do a little bit from many things, to taste and experience glimpse of our world but not so much to go deep and invest in the things that are interesting, exciting, intriguing and inspiring for us.
During this workshop we will try to find those things and to stick to them for a while, so we can discover what it is that has drawn us there in first place.
We will use the idea of limitations and specific frames, indications and principles, to go deep into things and discover more about them.
We will learn how to grow from a specific, limited and narrow way of moving and thinking into seeing the full wide world of possibilities that is around us.

Workshop Fee; 120,- Euro (Early booking 100,- Euro until 01.10)

Halle 2, Grüner Weg 15-17, 34117 Kassel