Kapitel 8 von sieben

Premiere 06.11.2010 in DOCK 4

The first 7 graduates from SOZO visions in motion contemporary dance studies in Kassel inspired their director, Deborah Smith-Wicke, with their dramatical and choreographic offerings on the theme of (new) beginning to create this solo collage.

Idea und concept: Deborah Smith-Wicke
Dramaturgy/Choreography: Deborah Smith-Wicke in collaboration with Susanna Horn, Lisa Oettinghaus, Mirjam Rauch, Sarah Scheer Mareike Steffens und Verena Voss.
Music/Sound: Piano: Mirjam Rauch, „Acht“ recording: Sarah Scheer, Bat for lashes. Vladimir Vysotsky,  Prem Joschua.
Film: Deborah Smith-Wicke based on text from Verena Voss.

Nothing is more pleasant for me, than not to know where I am going. All I need are fellow fighters who want and feel the same and who trust. The gift of trust leading ahead, otherwise its useless (Wanda Golonka)
It is the courage to move in the blurriness that leaves things looking glass clear. Clarity within the blurriness.

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