Komm in meine Arme, du bist mein Teig

Premiere 17.03.2010 in Tif, Staatstheater Kassel
Supported by the ministry of culture in Kassel.

music: Paul Kalkenbrenner, Beyoncé, traditionelle Wiegenlieder, Peter Fox, Apocalyptica
Conzept und Choreography: Deborah Smith-Wicke
Performers: Annika Hoffmann, Susanne Horn, Deborah Smith-Wicke


Between milliseconds! Between sofa and book shelf! Busy busy!! Short segments! Briefly and intensely! Disturbance is everyday life, meant affectionately of course. Briefly touched! Briefly quiet! Endurance. Waiting. Seizing the chance. Busy busy!!
Quick, quicker!! Forget yourself again. Shhhhh! Silence!! Briefly enduldge. Flip out. Pick up. HOLD TIGHT!

Supermother!!! From chat shows to Mother and todler groups: The debate on the ideal female life model is raving everywhere.
Why mothers make each others lives so difficult. Women like family minister
Ursula von der Leyen, Heidi Klum, Angelina Jolie or even Madonna are living reproaches for many because they apparently bring their career ambitions and a big family under one hat.
Women never had such a high expectations in themselves. Its almost as if they had picked out all the roles of the last decades that least fit together.
The warmth and security of the 50s mother and the self achieving fighter, the career woman and the nature-loving mother who carries her child in a hand woven cloth for three years.

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