2019: Discontinuous Body (Agostina D'Alessandro)

SOZO Herbst Tanz GP 2019 K H Mierke MIZ 0659

Autumn Project 1st year

2019: Ecshato (Eldad Ben Sasson)

SOZO Herbst Tanz GP 2019 K H Mierke KHM 4087


2019: Unfinished (Agostina D'Alessandro)

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In the middle of a constant ongoing creative process, the dancers, the objects and the space are uncovering the endless possibilities of "being together". This shared space shows the two sides of a process: the objects and the beings are constantly defining themselves reciprocally.Is an object more emotional than a body? Is a body more instrumental than an object? How do we build sense?Who is really finished?UNFINISHED is an invitation to take part on the mystery of an art piece in incessant evolution...

2019: 14 almost similar stories (Stella Zannou)

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Members of a warrior society, we find ourselves trapped between fighting visible enemies and ghosts.We try to make our story stand out amongst the crowd but instead our personal story becomes the story of our world.We try to hold on to our identity, to our beloved ones and to our dreams until the stage becomes a cemetery of lost wishes and battles.

2019: Discontinous Body

SOZO Herbst Tanz GP 2019 K H Mierke MIZ 0659

Autumn Project 1st year

2018: We are the people [in this room] (Barbara England) - PReS

tumblr p9jkn9JLxj1s8wvd6o8 1280

This room is a balloon; a container of air, weightless and fragile. Our bodies are mole- cules suspended by each other’s proximity.Together we are a closed system evolving to a state of maximum entropy. We are waiting to burst.
We are the people invites you to discover the unfamiliar setting through your senses. With repetition and destruction we will reinvent a space that is our own; a space that is our room.
Concept: Barbara England
Performers: Alina Walter, Lia Beuchat, Chiara Leonardi, Weibke Färber, Aura Antikiainen, Lara Pigorsch.
Music: Instead (Madeleine Peyroux); Hang on there little tomato (Pink Martini)

2018: Verdinglichung (Iria Arenas) - PReS

B 03 PReS 2018 Karl Heinz Mierke 9080 2

I imagine a dystopian world where citizens live in a dehumanized state. In this world “everyone belongs to everyone else”; conformity is the key and individuality is lost.

Concept: Iria Arenas
Performers: Velia Hahnemann, Paula Moré, Dalia Velandia

2018: body of knowledge - at work (Sibylle Beck) - PReS

tumblr pa3rksHW8Q1s8wvd6o4 1280

How do the systems we have built and created for ourselves affect our sense of agency? body of knowledge explores what happens when the structures we’ve willingly built or subjected ourselves to begin to inexplicably affect us, as we affect them. Experience what happens when these bodies try to create, balance and control this system.
Concept: Sibylle Beck
Performers: Henrike Westenfelder, Christa Stöffelbauer, Daniela Simart

2018: (L)on(e)ly Ones (Salla Nieminen) - PReS

tumblr pa3sbpusDK1s8wvd6o4 1280

A performance for three women, one plant, one ice cream, one coffee cup, and the external gaze that never leaves a woman truly alone.

Concept: Salla Nieminen

Performers: Hannah Breuker, HuongTranThiTam, Stephanie Schmidt

Music: Every BreathYouTake (The Police)

2018: Champagne Wishes and Caviar Dreams (Emily Barasch) - PReS

tumblr pa3rsegenn1s8wvd6o3 1280

Screaming, shouting, laughing, shaking, quaking, quivering. In anger, rage, pleasure, pain. We will be seen. We will be heard. We will live in the excess. In the ecstasy of our bodies without control.This is a utopia of heightened expressivity and physical release.
Champagne Wishes and Caviar Dreams explores what happens when the body reaches its peak of what is unbearable, and expresses itself in ways which are often obscene.
Choreography: Emily Barasch
Performers: Marah Haj, Żaneta Kesik,Therese Nübling, Daniel Michalek, Rosalie Kubny



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SOZO visions in motion
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Tel.: +49 (0)561 9372858
Email: info@sozo-vim.de


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