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Untitled design3SOZO visions in motion offers as a vocational college for contemporary dance studies, a three year (full time) professional course. The course has state recognition and students have the possibility to apply for BAföG (German state grant).

SOZO visions in motion lays focus on teaching a solid contemporary technique with the aim to connect theory, practice and cognitive knowledge in a holistic way. Looking into the future of our field of work, entrepreneurship und social aspects of dance are also taken into consideration and passed on. The program receives international resonance and offers students excellent co-operation partners (State Theatre of Kassel, University of Arts in Kassel). The students are accompanied by a team of international teachers who reflect the trends of an evolving, international dance scene.

The individual encouragement of creative and expressive dancer personalities is a central goal at SOZO visions in motion and the course offers the impulses needed to coach this individuality. Through mentorship, the students are counseled to find their own potential and abilities and challenged to work independently on these. Through intensive group processes in a respectful atmosphere, each student can follow their intuition and instincts in a responsible manner. Through projects, and movement research, an interdisciplinary way of working is sort after. The students learn from day one to integrate themselves and invest in creative work processes as co-creators.

Focus and Specialisation

The focus of the practical modules can be divided into three fields which in themselves develop further throughout the whole program – dance technique as a solid handcraft (Contemporary / Modern Dance, Ballet), performance (Choreographic Project Works) and creativity (Composition, Improvisation/ Contact Improvisation, Video Dance and Movement Research). These fields are accompanied by other additional practical lessons (Martial Art, Pilates, Yoga) and also by theoretical modules (Anatomy/Dance Medicine/Dance Science, Movement Theory, Dance History).

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A unique program developed here at the SOZO ZONE called "MAKE IT - OWN IT - MANAGE IT" is a serial workshop course tailored for ongoing artists looking to give and get more VALUE. It is a mindset game-changer, enabling you to rise above obstacles as a dance artist whether freelance or on contract and get to business with vision. The SOZO ZONE with  MAKE IT - OWN IT - MANAGE IT, is dedicated to empowering freelance dancers to discover artistic and financial freedom. For us, it begins during our studies.



   Quan Dao Kung-Fu

Kung Fu Feb 2015 FotoK H Mierke 9709The integration of martial arts (Quan Dao Kung-Fu) in the course represents a special feature of SOZO visions in motion. The students should have the additional possibility to develop their talents while cultivating a holistic approach to body soul and spirit.

Quan Dao has its roots in the eastern tradition as well as in the western tradition of science and education. Quan Dao means „way to the source“, and as Kung Fu (able man), deals with the development and the unfolding of one’s own “Being”. The practice of the traditional animal forms serves to provide access to sharpening one’s own “Being”. The Quan Dao training is represented by twelve focal points of content. The coaching of fluent movement, the freeing of armoured, characteristic traits, the practicing of adaptability as well as building strength and elasticity in the body, accompany the connection to contemporary dance to serve technique and creativity.  

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Kane School Pilates Teachers Training Course

During the first two years at SOZO, we lay firm foundations in Anatomy and Dance Medicine/Science. Included is the coaching from the Kane School Pilates Teachers Training Course. Kane School Pilates certification is a rigorous training program combining a solid knowledge of anatomy, biomechanics, and injury prevention. By the end of the 2nd year, you are a qualified Pilates Mat-Trainer. There is no better way to deepen your own knowledge of anatomy and injury prevention to further your own technique than by teaching it to others. The Kane School is a recognized training institute of the German Pilates Association.



The program consists of 14 modules over a period of 3 years (6 Semester).

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01. Contemporary Dance/Modern Dance I (CD/MD I)
02. Classical Dance I  (CLD I)
03. MR and performance Skills - Intensives (MaPS)
04. Anatomy/Dancemedicine
05. Project I
06. Art theory
07. Composition I
08. Contemporary Dance/Modern Dance II (CD/MD II)
09. Classical Dance II (CLD II)
10. Project II
11. Composition II
12. Contemporary Dance/Modern Dance III (CD/MD III)
13. Classical Dance III (CLD III)
14. Project III 

Course Fees

For the 3 year vocational  "contemporary dance studies":

520.-€ per month x 12 (6240,- € yearly)


Audition Phase 1 + Phase 2

We strongly advise those interested in studying at our 3-year vocational, „Contemporary Dance Studies“ to come a day early and observe classes and meet students the day before the audition. This way each applicant can get to know our school and develop their own impression of the atmosphere, the teachers, and the experience of the studying students. If you would like to come and observe on another day, please just arrange this with Deborah Smith-Wicke at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

We also advise applying early enough. In Kassel, Hessen, Germany the school holidays are earlier than the universities in Europe in general. This means we are beginning the studies on 06 SEPTEMBER 2023. It also means you are in a space where you have 39 weeks of full-time training during the year.

  Audition Dates


Weekend dates: 

  Audition Fees -

Phase 1 is free

Phase 2 after an invitation to live or online audition, cost 50.-€.

(If accepted to come to the audition or present online the set material, you will receive the bank details for a transfer prior to the audition.)

Besides registering for one of our live auditions here in Kassel, there is also the chance for some of you to make a full online audition.

For both versions you will need to make the preliminary application (Phase 1) and follow all instructions on our online formula. This includes the small pieces of film footage we need to make our decisions to invite you to a full live or Online audition (Phase 2).

Phase 2 this year will be either live here at SOZO in Kassel or online.

If you choose online because of your circumstances and traveling difficulties, you will be granted the opportunity. We think it is more beneficial for you to come to Kassel but realize that it is not always possible, especially from outside of Germany.

You will be sent links to SET MATERIAL in ballet and contemporary which you should learn and then film yourself dancing the material. There will also be an Improvisation task and you will have the chance to send a solo or something that you would like to show us.


Application PHASE 1.

For all applications we require the following documents:

  • Our application form online (Click here) for Phase 1.
  • Please state which audition date you want to attend.
  • Video material including 5 minutes of Ballet material - Barre work / 5 Minutes of contemporary material - floor and standing / 2-minute improvisation / a Solo (send a youtube / Vimeo / google link).
  • Photographs (portrait photo & dance photo in movement).
  • A letter of motivation or a filmed motivation in which you include a short description of your interest in the course at SOZO and why. Please tell us which qualities and skills you bring to contribute to working with a group for 3 years. How would you describe your motivation and passion and your mental capacity to work through a challenging course?


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