Untitled design1The SOZO Foundation Course is a 6 week long, intensive dance training, offering the foundations in contemporary dance, ballet, composition, improvisation and contact improvisation. The Foundation Course is also a great chance to get to know and experience the content and focus as well as students of our professional contemporary dance studies.

The course is attractive for those who are interested in actually doing their dance studies at SOZO, for those who want to prepare themselves intensively for auditions or for those who just want to experience 6 weeks of intensive dance training in a group.

Experience in contemporary dance and/or ballet, physical theatre or bodywork is wished and helpful.

Course content

Contemporary dance - Bettina Helmrich / Deborah Smith-Wicke

Contemporary dance uses the physicality of the body in space, gravity,  momentem / swing – where by flow of movement can develop out of the change between tension and release of the body.
Physical possibilities such as flexibility, coordination and articulation will be encouraged and coached as well as awareness for space, time, dynamic and form.
Through working on various movement principles, an individual movement language can be developed.

Ballet + Pilates - Loreen Fajgel

Classical Ballet encourages the development of good stance, coordination and bodily tension and musicality. The clear structures of the body serve to learn orientation in space.

Composition - Bettina Helmrich

In Composition, composing tools such as use of space, awareness, timing, syncronity, dynamic, phrasing, and the use of materials and objects will be researched

Improvisation / Contact Improvisation - Bettina / Marielle Gerke

Improvisation in dance is the spontaneous movement action in relationship to an ever changing situation. Improvisation works using images connected to the space, the body, the music or sound. It encourages a high level of awareness, physical performance and movement talent to be able to deal with the new and strange.

Body Work - Bettina Helmrich / Marielle Gerke

Various types of body work like BodyMindCentering, Pilates and Hands on Technique serve our bodies to discover a pliability and strength for the different challenges of dance.

Leitung: Bettina Helmrich / Deborah Smith-Wicke

Course fee

For the 6-week intensive "Foundation Course": 880.-€

Start of the next "Foundation Course"

20. February 2023. Duration; 6 weeks until 31. March 2023


08:30 - 14:30


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