In the score of three movements “SEVEN - I am many” the artists consider how the human personality adapts and transforms in its surroundings. Generated on the foundations of an unusual movement research using the 7 elements and 7 animals of Quan Dao Kung Fu, the work describes and shows the amazing capacity we have to show who we are or who we think we should be – like a chameleon blending in with the surroundings and going with the flow or taking bold step out of the mass to make a statement.
The moment of “I am not the person you think I am” is full of secrets, surprises and passion as well as betrayal and conspiracy.

Konzept / Choreografie: Deborah Smith-Wicke
Komposition, Tanz und Performance: Lia Beuchat, Florian Heiml, Zaneta Kesik, Seung Ju Lee, Chiara Leonardi, Sini Rautjoki, Huong Tran Thi Tam
Musikalische Leitung: Olaf Pyras
Kostüme: Michaela Kirschberger
Assistenz: Iria Arenas, Kim Kanwischer




SOZO visions in motion
Deborah Smith-Wicke
Grüner Weg 15–17
D-34117 Kassel

Tel.: +49 (0)561 9372858


SOZO visions in motion
Deborah Smith-Wicke
Julienstrasse 8
D-34121 Kassel

Tel.: +49 (0)561 9372858


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