„SOZO visions in motion DANCE Co.“ - as a contemporary dance company with innovative claims - creates regularly own projects to bring them on stage. Furthermore different international choreographers and artists are invited to work within SOZO visions in motion Company and to introduce themselves and their works to a wider public in the region Kassel. With Halle 2 SOZO visions in motion Company has its own stage - including various rehearsal studios.

SEVEN GP 2019 K H Mierke MIZ 10187


  • to create a workspace for professional artistic work in the free scene with satisfactory terms ofemployment and production, which enable the choreographers and artists to develop projects and to create pieces which are artistically and aesthetically relevant in and beyond our region.

  • to allow the artists a continuity of sound practice, research, and the production of exchange and mediation through movement.

  • to provide the citizens of the city of Kassel and the region beyond, access to artistic processes where they have the chance to participate in the artistic developments. We would like to offer insight into creative habits and approaches.

  • through movement research, to contribute to increased body awareness in the connection of theory and practice.

  • to develop new ways and forms of mediation and communication of knowledge through and in dance and contribute to cultural education. See social network

  • auf vielschichtig miteinander vernetzten Ebenen aktiv zum kulturellen Leben in Kassel beitragen und Initiativen zukunftsfähig ausbauen



  • a specific understanding of artistic work: Art and live performance are more than products and commodity, they are interactive spiritual and sensuous processes which promote exchange and transparency.
  • independence and openness for inter-disciplinary thinking and action.



  • teach dance which motivates, demands and is comprehensive.
  • develop and produce new pieces which we continuously introduce to a bigger public.
  • create platforms to interlink with other organizers for artistic and interdisciplinary exchange
  • are convincing through stringent choreographic works, polished concepts, presence and differentiated movement quality.




SOZO visions in motion
Deborah Smith-Wicke
Grüner Weg 15–17
D-34117 Kassel

Tel.: +49 (0)561 9372858
Email: info@sozo-vim.de


SOZO visions in motion
Deborah Smith-Wicke
Julienstrasse 8
D-34121 Kassel

Tel.: +49 (0)561 9372858
Email: info@sozo-vim.de


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